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Spine Surgery

Spine problems are at top and increasing in a fast pace in this modern scenario. People go through a lot of stress and anxiety which results in declination of their health. Also, most of the working hours are spent in office cabins, sitting on chairs which is the main cause of back diseases. Failure to take out time from their busy schedules for exercise and to stretch and relax body muscles acts as fuel in the already deprived state of human body. Hence, as a result, people face many problems related to back and spine. Sometimes, situation become so worse that surgery is the only option left to them, after the failure of other available treatments.

Some of the most common spine surgeries are:

Endoscopic surgery- In this kind of surgery, various scopes are used which go through small incisions to diagnose the disease. Inner organs and tissues are thus examined and treated by surgeons.

Spinal fusion-This is known to be the most common surgery for back pain. In this, spinal bones called vertebrae are joined together, by surgeons. Hence, the motion of the bones of the spine are restricted. This also limits the contraction of nerves.In most of the cases,reduced spinal motion does not limit movement and activity. Although the incomplete fusion of the vertebrae remains as one unique risk of spinal fusion surgery. This can be reduced back to normal through an additional surgery. After back surgery,Smoking increases the risk of infection.

Laminectomy-In this process, a part of bone, known as bone spurs or ligaments are removed by surgeon. Thus, the pressure on spinal nerves which is responsible for the pain is relieved. However, this causes the spine to be less stale sometimes. In such circumstances, a spinal fusion may be performed in order to prevent the unstability of spinal bones.

Foraminotomy- In thiskind of surgery, bone at the sides of vertebrae is cut by surgeon with the purpose to widen the gap where roots exit the spine. The gap relieves pressure on the nerves, thus relieving the pain. Sometimes, it can reduce the stability of the spine just like laminectomy.

Discectomy- Commonly known as 'slipped' disc, the cushion separating vertebrae, may exert pressure on a spinal nerve and causing back pain. All or some parts of the disc are removed by surgeons in this surgery. It can be done through both incisions, larger, as well as smaller, using the tools from outside the body. It can also be a part of a large surgery too, carried along with spinal fusion, foraminotomy and laminectomy.

Disc Replacament-As the name suggests, a damaged spinal disc is removed by surgeon and is replaced with an artificial disc between the vertebrae. This procedure helps a patient in the movement of the spine. Recovery period is shorter and also there is not much risk of failing or dislodging as a foreign body or object is placed inside.

Nucleoplasty Surgery- This too helps in relief from pain due to spinal disc. A amount of disc tissue is removed from disc's nucleus by inserting a special probe into it. rgery too, carried along with spinal fusion, foraminotomy and laminectomy.

Spine Tumor Removal- In such a case, an abnormal mass of tissue, surrounding the spinal cord is removed through surgery. En-bloc section is done in various patients for cure.

Interlaminar Implant- This is known to be an alternative to spinal fusion. A U-shaped device is implanted in the back in this procedure. The device is set between both back bones in the lower back, so the it can help to maintain the space between. This is much reliable and better surgery than spinal fusion as it doesn't restricts the motion and provides stability. It doesn't limit the patient's movement and he or she can bend also in the region where it is placed, which may help to ease the symptoms of spinal stenosis.

Spinal Fusion Surgery(PLIF/TLIF)- In this surgical technique one or more vertebrate are combined or fused together so that there is no longer motion between them. This concept is quite similar with the process of 'welding'. In spine, bone grafts are placed which heals with time just like a fracture and welds vertebrates.

Kyphoplasty- This procedure mainly focus to stop pain due to spinal fracture and also stabilizes bone. It also helps to restore the lost vertebral body height lost due to fracture and it's compression. In this kind of surgery, doctor makes in incision in the back and places a tube. Through this tube, a special balloon is inserted and then inflated which helps to place the displaced parts in much normal position. Later cavity is filled by the doctor with a cement-like material called polymethylmethacrylate which when dries, stabilizes the bone.

Vertebroplasty- This procedure aims at stabilizing the spinal fracture and thus relieving the patient from pain. A small puncture is done in the patient's skin which makes this procedure quite invasive as compared to the open surgery. The whole process takes about one hour.

This section provides only a brief outline of the treatment possibilities for Spine Surgery in India. Please Enquire with your medical reports and we will respond with a detailed medical opinion and cost estimate.


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