Result May Vary from Person to Person

Discontentment because of your nose can be taken care of by Rhinoplasty, famously known as Nose Job. Nose plastic surgery is a surgical procedure to alter, amend or modify the shape or function of the nose. There are 240 anatomical variants of the nose. This is what makes Nose plastic surgery one of the most demanding forms of plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty produces a positive and visible result.

Rhinoplasty Benefits

Rhinoplasty can correct undesirable shape of the tip of the nose or an oversized nose. The Nose plastic surgery can reduce or increase the size of your nose, adjust the space between the nose and the upper lip and make the nose straighter. It enhances the balance between the facial features and increases confidence. Rhinoplasty brings a more positive about their self image.

Result May Vary from Person to Person

Breast Augmentation Surgery in India : If you are discontented with your breasts because they are too small or look disproportionate with your body or deformed because of an accident or disease, the answer to your problem is a Breast Implant or Breast Augmentation surgery. Breast Augmentation surgery is a plastic surgery used to enlarge the size, alter the shape and modify the texture of the breasts of a woman or for building breasts on a male transsexual patient. It falls under the Breast Implants category and is clinically named Augmentation Mammaplasty. There are three types of Breast Implant devices characterized by their inner material - Saline solution, Silicone gel and Composite filler.

Breast Augmentation Benefits: An increasing number of women are opting for Breast Augmentation surgery these days. Breast Augmentation surgery improves your overall appearance and adds to your self-confidence. Enhances a woman’s breasts making it fuller, symmetrical and more proportionate with the body and improves the balance of a woman’s figure. Positively alters the shape and size of your breasts as per your expectations.

Breast Augmentation Expectation: If you are fed up of your breasts drooping and sagging, breast augmentation is not the correct procedure for you.  You need to choose Breast Lift surgery to look fuller, firmer and lifted breasts.

Tummy Tuck Surgery in India : It is certainly not great to look into the mirror and find a hanging paunch first thing in the morning or fear pregnancy because you may not get your previous body contour back. You don't need magic to make your tummy right. You need an Abdominoplasty. It is popularly known as Tummy Tuck, a surgical procedure to make the abdomen firmer and flatter. This is appropriate for people with flabby abdomens due to childbirth or a massive weight loss.

Result May Vary from Person to Person

Tummy Tuck Benefits: Abdominoplasty can help men and women with saggy abdominal skin and muscles change the way their bodies look. The aftermath of the Tummy Tuck surgery is relatively deserving. Tummy Tuck surgery can improve the external appearance of the lower stomach and may help you get free from strectch marks, especially those below the navel. This procedure is extremely useful to women who have separated and weakened skin post pregnancy. Tummy Tuck surgery improves your body contour by compressing your abdomen. You will find yourself more relaxed in your clothing and feel confident about yourself.

Tummy tuck Expectation: Tummy tuck results are relatively deserving; however, major weight changes can make a big difference. Tummy tuck is not an alternative for weight loss or an exercise regimen and does not remove as much fat as Liposuction does. Also note, this surgery is not an answer for your pregnancy stretch marks or Scar removal.

Result May Vary from Person to Person

Liposuction Surgery in India :Liposuction can give added confidence with a new and better-looking shapely body. You can also get six pack abdomen with high definition Liposuction or Liposculpting. In today’s world, one has many alternatives to lose weight and look better besides the natural way of exercising and following a diet program. And one of them is Liposuction surgery. It is a surgical technique that makes the body shape better by excising extra fats stored between the skin and muscle. Liposuction surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries and has a trusted safety record. This page is dedicated to offer all the information one requires to make a well-thought off decision.

Liposuction Benefits: The key idea of Liposuction surgery is to restructure one body area or more, and not just reduce body weight. We should not confuse Liposuction as a treatment for obesity. Normally, Liposuction surgery is for problem areas of the body that do not act in response to diet programs and workouts. The frequently treated areas are face, neck, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs and upper arms.  Usually, the problem areas are the outer thighs and hips for women and waist and back for men. Certain medical conditions like benign fatty tumors (Lipomas), abnormal enlargement of the male breasts, excessive sweating in the armpit area and problems with metabolism of fat in the body are treated by Liposuction.

Face Lift

If you are upset over your blunt nose or you think your nose is a tad too sharp, or if you are unhappy with your aberrant lip, eye brow, breasts, buttocks or any other physical feature then cosmetic surgery is the remedy to all your discontentment. Rectify and reinstate better body form and function with Cosmetic Surgery.

Face Lift Surgery in India : Aging brings about a natural change in our skin and volume of the face tissues which result in major look changes. Facial aging causes extra skin at the jowls and neck regions, creases between the nose and the mouth and loose cheeks. Face lift surgery can help to enhance these facial features. If you are worried by aging signs on your face, Face lift surgery may be what you need. 

Result May Vary from Person to Person

Medically termed as Rhytidectomy, Face lift surgery is a procedure to conceal signs of aging on the face and neck. Some of the signs are sagging in the mid-face, deep creases below the eyelids, creases by the side of the nose extending to the mouth, fallen or displaced fat, loss of muscle tone in the lower face and loose skin and extra fat deposits under the chin and jaw.

Face Lift Benefits: Our face is our identity and plays an important part in our lives. It isn’t the best thing if your face looks worn out or gaunt. Face lift surgery can bring back the natural and younger look to your face adding more self-confidence and making you age gracefully.

Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Now you can be more feminine with naturally full-looking buttocks. Brazilian butt augmentation gives your curvaceous body a more sensual projection by making your buttocks appear more youthful and perky.

Result May Vary from Person to Person

Buttock Augmentation Surgery In India :Are you looking to rectify congenital, traumatic or natural defects of the buttocks or undergo surgeries for the sake of aesthetic improvements of the figure? If yes, then you would want the Plastic surgery and liposculpture for the buttocks, medically termed as Gluteoplasty and popularly known as Buttock Augmentation surgery. Some of the commonly sought buttock repairs are Gluteal Implant (Buttock Prosthesis), Buttock Liposuction, and body contouring to correct deformities of the Gluteal region. Additionally, Buttock Augmentation surgery can be done on transsexual and transgender women to improve the body shape.

Buttock Augmentation Benefits:The process of Buttock Augmentation surgery adds volume to the buttocks and improves the shape of your buttocks. This procedure doesn’t cause open incisions or scars like other implants. Buttock Augmentation surgery gives your buttock a very natural look. The process is practically painless and patients can return to work within two days. The Buttock Augmentation surgery can be done under local anesthesia while the patient is awake and comfortable.

This section provides only a brief outline of the treatment possibilities for COSMETIC SURGERY in India. Please Enquire with your medical reports and we will respond with a detailed medical opinion and cost estimate.


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